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Your Support System During COVID 19

Who Can You Call During a Mental Health Emergency?

Our world is changing by the hour. For those of us living with mental health troubles uncertainty is scary. Daily routines are bring adjusted, resources are being limited, and livelihoods are being damaged. Just like we have support system for other factors of out life (weight loss, dating/marriage, book reading), we need support systems for out mental health. So I created something called "Can I Call".

Take a look at the image above. Now think of the people you can call during a mental health emergency. The current Coronavirus pandemic we are facing is causing us to have to stay in our homes to slow it from spreading. This has impacted businesses as well our personal/social lives. There are a lot of small fires that are being set and we need our mental health team to put them out. So, who can you call? Who is on your team of champions?

Can you call the people in your family? Mom/Dad/Aunt/Uncle/Sister//Brother are the most immediate people in our family. If our family members know what mental health issues we live with they can be great assets. In 2018 I was very suicidal and I talked to my dad every day and built a great relationship with him. He is definitely on my team of champions.

Every day we hear about a new person that has been impacted by the Coronavirus. To prevent the virus from spreading, businesses and restaurants are being closed as well. These are places where we would hang with our close family and friends. We are encouraged to practice social distancing which limits out social interactions. This is when a team of champions and technology can bring us together.

Both of my parents are over 50 and are not technologically savy. I introduced them to Zoom videoconferencing. Technology allows us to see our fiends and family face to face. While being quarantined this is a great way to interact with people while staying safe in our homes. Even though it's not a mental diagnosis "Cabin Fever" is real! Sitting in the home with nothing to do can make any depressed. For someone who already suffers from clinical depression this could be the beginning of a mental health emergency.

The professional people on your team of champions can help you with community resources as well as resources that can help you professionally. While we are all working from home we could ask our bosses for books to read to help us advance in our career. While talking with your boss you can find out what needs the company has and work on solutions for those problems. When we all return to work you may really impress your boss with your ideas.

We will all get through this together. We will get through it with our team of champions. Can you think of who is on your team of champions? Let us know in the comments below.


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