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Three Ways To Boost Your Public Speaking Credentials

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

When searching for a speaker, event planners want to see your credentials. Just like a company looking to hire the right employee, companies want to see your speaking "resume". How many speaking events have you been apart of, how many keynotes have you given, and what topics you speak about will be vetted. Just like the hiring process, you may have to go through 2 or three interviews before getting booked for a speech.

1.) The Value of LinkedIn:

I am very active on LinkedIn, a social platform for professionals. I post about material related to the topics that I speak about: suicide prevention, mental health, living with a disability and others. Sharing quality content that others engage with often results in content trending on LinkedIn. When your content trends you build credibility. People within the industry you speak in will have eyes on your content. Eyes on your content increase the possibility of you being booked.

Something else that is great about LinkedIn is the ability to write articles. Want to show how much of an expert you are on a subject? Write an article and allow for other professionals to engage with you. Unlike a regular post, an article allows you to write a longer, more formal post about a subject. You can cite other experts or add your own images, videos from your speaking events to build your credibility.

2.) Join An Online Community:

I am very active on a social site called “The Mighty”. The Mighty is a social community that allows people to talk about multiple health matters. These are both physical and mental health matters. The posts on The Mighty are great and allow for any and everyone who has mental or physical matters to talk to others with one another. Within this community I speak with event planners, human resource managers, and other individuals who can book me for a speech. It has worked for me, it can work for you too.

No matter what topic you speak about, there is an online community for it. Join a community, ask questions, comment on others' posts. Let other individuals see that you not only have a passion for what you speak about; show you are an influencer in your community.

3.) Twitter Chats

I recently was a guest on a Twtter Chat and had the time of my life. A Twitter chat is an hour long conversation on Twitter that allows for you to show your expertise on a subject. Twitter chats usually have hashtags associated with them that allows you to trend along with the hashtag. You are able to show your knowledge of a subject and gain followers in the process.

I gained about 8 new followers after my Twitter chat. These followers are in the fields that I am speak to. I engaged with other speakers, mental health leaders, as well as social media influencers. During the chat these influencers retweeted my content, and it was seen by hundreds of thousands of their followers. You can do the same by searching twitter chats and finding one that chats about the subject you speak about.


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