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He uses his voice on stage to tell his mental health story as well as the story of others. 

Get To Know David Kendrick:
Owner Of
Lion Speaking Agency

I'm honored to speak throughout the region about the terrible toll post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and mental illness exacts on millions of veterans.  In my case, it was a sniper attack in 2007 that left my legs shot to ribbons, my military career over, and my life in shambles.  Little did I know, my biggest challenge lay ahead -- transitioning to civilian life.


After hitting bottom, becoming homeless, besieged by nightmares, paranoia, survivor's guilt, alcoholism, and utter hopelessness -- suicide became a viable solution.  Thankfully, I received the help I needed to reclaim my life, earn a master's degree, and embarked on a meaningful speaking career.      


Today, I share my harrowing story before veteran's groups, corporations, colleges, healthcare organizations, and military bases.  It's my life's mission to advocate for those suffering in silence, feeling stigmatized, or who cannot help themselves.  Veterans need to know, they're NOT alone...It's NOT their fault... And where to get HELP. 


I would be proud to speak at your upcoming event.  For scheduling or more information, please email