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A Memoir About  Family, Friends, and Brotherhood

In "Cavalry", David introduces the reader to his family from Rochester, Ny. He introduces you to his friends that become his brothers while serving as Cavalry Scouts in the U.S. Army.

Deploying During The Height Of War

As a soldier in the 3-61st Cavalry Regiment, David deploys to Iraq during the height of the war in Iraq in 2006. Go behind the front lines during the troop surge of 2007 with David and his friends.

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Mental Health Topics

David speaks about a wide variety of mental health topics. What makes David's presentations unique are his personal experiences. After being injured in Iraq he battled:  suicide, substance abuse, and PTSD.


Mental Illness

Mental Illness is a topic that people shy away from. David talks about this topic for those who aren't comfortable talking about it. The "Lion" in Lion Speaking Agency is about making your voice heard and roaring your message until everyone hears it. That is the attention David wants to bring to mental illness.

Suicide Prevention

20 - 22 veterans a day die from suicide according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. David has battled suicide and now dedicates his life to suicide prevention in the veteran community.

Mental Health First Aid

David cares about other veterans who suffer from mental illness. He is certified in Mental Health First Aid which gives him the tools necessary to assist someone experiencing a mental health emergency. Mental Health First Training gives David the tools to talk about recognizing symptoms and offering help to someone experiencing a mental health emergency.

Opioid Addiction

After being shot in both legs in an ambush, David spent three months in the hospital. While in the hospital David was connected to a continuous morphine drip to help mitigate the pain of his injuries. This was the beginning of a long, arduous battle with opioids that David eventually won.

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Articles and Profiles

Working With Red Cross of Georgia For Black History Month

February 8, 2021

David Kendrick from Lion Speaking Agency worked with the American Red Cross of Georgia for Black History Month to spread awareness for blood donations in the African American community.

Mental Health Assistance on COVID19 Emotional Support Line

June 02, 2020

David Kendrick of Lion Speaking Agency speaks to 11Alive in Atlanta, Ga about volunteering on the COVID19 Emotional Support Line. He speaks about the mental health he provides to the people of Georgia and how important it is as a veteran to help people in need.

Local Veteran Thanks Group for Help Winning Battles After Returning Home

November 8th, 2018

David returned home to Rochester, Ny to raise awareness for veteran homelessness and to thank the program that took him off the streets.

News Article on Local News Station

November 8th 2018

Conducting a follow up interview with a local news station after fundraising event for veterans.

The Toughest Battle

Spring 2018

This is a article from the Spring 2008 Emory Health magazine. The article highlights David's battle with opioid addiction while serving in the military.

Following California Mass Shooting, Army Vets talks about PTSD

November 9, 2018

An interview that I had at a local news station about PTSD in the veteran community.

David Kendrick's Physical Therapy Story

January 11, 2025

This is an article that David Kendrick had on the American Physical Therapy Association's website. In this story David shares his story of getting injured in Iraq and how physical therapy helped him recover.


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